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GMQex Youth Radio Network is an internet radio services provider, creating a network of youth radio stations all over the globe.

OUR APPROACH IS DIFFERENT , where many companies and institutions will tell the young people how to work in their environment, we, on the other hand, teach the young people how to work and develop by making them part of the program. In other words, they carry out the work themselves.

Our goal is to help them become efficient and also fully equiped to deal with some of the many challenges in life.


GMQex.com has begun the launch of its global youth internet radio broadcasting network, the project is to be launched in the UK followed by the Caribbean, Africa and then Europe.

The projects objectives are based purely on creating a platform where the young people can learn, socialise and have a voice. This project is very much hands on, to the extent where the management team is made up of the young people who are in fact given the task of operating their station.
However, they will receive full guidance from the GMQex networks and participating providers along with the organisation of individual initiating the station.
This project makes a real contribution by identifying and developing young talent to create employment within radio, music, the performing arts and related industries. It provides employment as well as development in its approach. For those who do not pursue a career in the industry, they will gain valuable experiences which will enhance their self esteem, thus increasing their employment prospects.

The project is supported and part delivered by GMQex.com and FBC Business, one a media related business operating and providing internet radio and media facilities, and the other an IT business providing computer and internet related services.